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Graduation Requirements

To receive a diploma from Clairton High School students must meet the state minimum requirements of earning twenty-five and one-half (25.5) credits.  In order to obtain credit for a course, a student must receive a passing grade.  The 25.5 credits will be comprised of the following:

Subject Credits
English 4
Mathematics 4
Social Studies 4
Science 4
Humanities (Tech Ed., Music, additional courses in English and Social Studies other than those required, foreign language, and any other elective that may be added to the Curriculum) 2
Health 0.5
Physical Education (1/2 credit per year) 2
Electives 3
Computer Application Courses (Mandatory in this district) 2

Proficiency – All students must meet proficiency requirements as evidenced by a score of Advanced or Proficient on the end of course Keystone Exams. Proficiency classes in reading and math are available after school throughout the year. All examples of Assessment Anchor Proficiency must be completed within the same school year as the potential graduation and by a specific date in order to participate in the commencement/ graduation ceremony.

Additional Notes
1.  Students may be recommended for other courses not listed here based on their abilities in order to improve their academic performance to ensure their future success.

2.  In considering elective choices, please consider that each student must have 2 credits of Fine Arts and 2 Credits of Computer Applications in order to graduate.  Also some colleges and universities require a minimum of 2-3 consecutive years of a Foreign Language for admission.

3.  Vocational Technical students may have certain requirements waived such as Computer Credits, Fine Arts Credits, a Social Studies credit, or a Science credit at the discretion of the     Guidance Counselor and Principal ONLY if the class does not fit in their schedule.   If a student fails a course in one of these areas, the course WILL NOT be waived and the student MUST      recover that credit in summer school.

Credit Recovery Policy
Students who are in need of credits may receive credit for successfully completed course(s) if taken through accredited programs. All programs must be approved by the principal before credit will be given.

  1. A transcript from the accredited institution must be presented to the guidance department.
  2. All regulations for credit recovery will apply to homebound instruction as well.